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Still Life Duologue (2005 - 2009/Multi2/Repack by Sash HD)

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Still Life Duologue (2005 - 2009/Multi2/Repack by Sash HD)
2005 - 2009 | PC | English/Russian | Developer : MC2 Microids/ GameCo Studios | Publisher : The Adventure Company / 1C / Microids / Akella Publication | 7.32GB
Genre : Adventure

A new adventure from the creators of the hit Siberia and Siberia 2!Victoria McPherson, one of the best detectives in Chicago, is taken for the investigation of the case about a serial killer, but suffers one setback after another.

Still Life(2005)
Done for five offenses, but no clues have not yet found the maniac is still walking free, and seeks out his next victim. Overtired from the hard work, Victoria is sent on vacation to a country house of his father, however, and there she finds no rest in the writings of his grandfather, who worked a detective in the early twentieth century, a girl meets a mention of the offender, who acted in exactly the same way that and the Chicago butcher. Intrigued as exact match, Victoria forgets about rest and is taken for the investigation of the newly ...
Extras. Information:
Gripping, dark detective story, alternately growing it in todays Chicago, then in Prague 20 ies.
Details detailed locations and vivid characters.
Excellent graphics, atmospheric sound, intriguing videos.
System requirements:
System: ###### 98/ME/2000/XP;
Processor: 1 GHz;
Memory: 256 MB;
Video card: NVidia GeForce level or ATI Radeon;
Sound Card: DirectX compatible;
Hard Drive: 1.2 GB of free space;
DirectX 8.1.
Still Life 2(2009)
Fall 2008. FBI agent Victoria McPherson is sent to Maine to investigate the murder of Audrey Dannigen. Photos from the scene leaves no doubt a maniac, known as The Executioner East Coast, has once again started to collect the bloody harvest. The killer is not too lazy to thoroughly wash the corpse at the autopsy showed no evidence. The offender again made ??no mistake ...
Back at the hotel, Victoria saw a report Paloma Hernandez journalist, writing about each crime a maniac. She criticizes the work of FBI agent McPherson and personallyfor the lack of visible progress in the investigation.
That same evening, Victoria receives a call from Hernandez. The journalist talks about some evidences that point to the killer, and asks for an immediate meeting. Victoria refuses, and soon kidnapped Paloma ...
Executioner East Coast has a new offering for its sophisticated game.
Extras. Information:
Continuation of the game Still Life one of the most popular detective projects in recent years
Game universe elaborated to the smallest detail even for a minute you will not leave a feeling of reality!
Nontrivial complex puzzle
The two main character a view from two points of view on the history of crimes of a serial killer
System requirements:
###### XP SP2 (pyc)
Pentium III 1 GHz
512 MB of RAM
64 MB DirectX 9 compatible 3D video card (GeForce 4 level and above, except the MX series, and embedded graphics)
DirectX 9 compatible sound card
2.2 GB of free hard disk space
8x DVD ROM Keyboard, Mouse.
Also present in the distribution:
Soundtracks (Still Life and Still Life2)
Manuals (Still Life and Still Life2)
Wallpapers (Still Life)
Avatars (Still Life and Still Life2)
Artworks (Still Life and Still Life2)
Features Repack
Still Life
The basis Gog s TV license
Do not cut / no recoded
Independent language combination text / voice
Installation time 2.3 min.
Still Life 2
Underlying Gog s TV license
Do not cut
Part of the game unpacked archives
An independent language combination text / voice
Installation time 7 min.

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Imagen enviada

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