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NUEVO SERVER "Mu-KingBlader" (inicio: 12/01/11)

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#1 SkanxD



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Publicado el 12 enero 2011 - 08:01

Inagurado en: 12 . 01 . 2011

Version: 1.07x
Experiencia: 3000x
Drop: 70%
Bug Bless: Offline
Puntos por Level MG/DL: 7 pts
Puntos por Level BK/SM/ME: 5-6 pts
Level para Crear Guild: Level 200
Level para Crear MG: Level 220
Level para Crear DL: Level 250
Horario: 24/7
Conexion: 4mb[Cl]
Cuentas: 42
Personajes: 27
Cuentas Vip: 0
Cuentas Super.Vip: 0
Guilds: 0
Jugando: 1
Record jugando: 4
Personajes PKs: 0
Personajes Heroes: 18
Personajes en Lorencia: 16
Personajes en Arena: 5
Personajes Baneados: 0
Blood Castle: Aberto
Devil Square: 26:30
Chaos Castle: 56:15
Kantru Evento: Online
Crywolf Evento: Online
Castle Siege: Online

#2 dress



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Publicado el 30 enero 2011 - 11:04

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Hydrangea with "trust" means, lush dense, Evening Dress vigorous, have a grand total and can create low-key atmosphere. Evening Dresses Remember "GossipGirl" where Serena Lily in her mother's wedding was holding beam hydrangea flowers? It was a Party Dresses secret fashion indicators. Artist Katherine Hung's wedding, also used the green hydrangeas do holding flowers.

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