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Great Wall of China is considered

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Publicado el 22 abril 2011 - 05:14

Great Wall of China is considered as one of the china small group tours wonders of the world. It serves as a magnificent place for tourists to roam around and be indulged with its beauty. This amazing wall was built thousands of years back and made its way to the future still standing firm and strong.

The Great Wall was made to be the border of the country from the Mongols back in 214 B.C. It was when people are still in war with issues of land owning. The Chinese wants to keep their land to their people that are why they made a border for the foreign people to know on up to which the Chinese property is. The walls have several posts where the Chinese soldiers stayed as they guard
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and see if they are being attacked by the Mongols.

We see the great Wall today with its sole china culture beauty. Lucky enough that we didn't see how much blood and life has been sacrificed in order to build this gigantic wall. The ancient Chinese people bellowing to the lower families became slaves and workers for the wall. Everyone was required to do such labor, including the prisoners. It was said that when the guards notice someone being tired, they kill them right on the spot. The story went on for many years. The project went on to the next dynasties who have continued with the work.

These days, the wall is not used as borders anymore, but special china tours
a place of beauty. Millions of tourists come to visit the Great Wall each year. Its attractiveness does not only china attractions guide include the walls itself, but also of the mountainous scenery. The wall stretches along the mountains of China until its ending point in seashore. The wall is so massive and long that if we visit it once, we cannot entirely see the whole of it. It goes a long way from end to end, covering all the lands of China.

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