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i was hooked by 24 hours

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Publicado el 29 abril 2011 - 05:08

I'm hooked to this series.24 Hours DVD The best way to watch this show is to get its DVD boxset. I have every episode taped and the suspense was killing me as I waited for the next episode.I think the casting of Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer was strategic,House MD DVD
because, as a "star" in a cast, he stands out as larger than life against the rest of the ensemble. The Sisyphus analogy is not intended to be superficial, because any sense of accomplishment at some point in the series are ephemeral at best.The Office DVD Performance Sutherland holds the whole series, but the real star is Cochran and his team of editors. It's a story that makes you hooked and leads you to roller coaster ride that bad things just keep happening.Grey's Anatomy DVD See the show a second time (and less time) gave me a better understanding of how things were put in place that you do not really notice much the first time through because you have to absorb all the rapid fire. The second season follows the same pattern, and I fear it will be disappointing,Entourage DVD simply because the end may not have the emotional impact of what happens with the same season.I would be surprised if Jack Bauer and company beyond 48 hours, but we'll see.

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