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Our Disney DVD boxsets have been of excellent quality

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Publicado el 29 abril 2011 - 05:10

I enjoyed many of these classics from childhood on "the wonderful world of disney".What a joy to have all these great Disney shorts on DVD.Walt Disneys 164 DVD Disc one comes to us more than eleven short, taking us to 1953. Oscar-winning stand "Ferdinand the Bull" in the bull not to fight in the arena,"Chicken Little" World War II history of the fable One Tree Hill DVD that starts funny but ends with a serious lesson to listen to gossip, see "The Engineer Valiente "do everything possible to keep the train on the calendar, and soccer practice in recent years compared to contemporary strategies of" Football now and thenGrey's Anatomy DVD " Closing this disc is "Ben and I," Fairy Tale Disney, Robert Lawson fun in the wisdom behind the success of Benjamin Franklin, his Masters of the mouse.Disc two options in 1954 and contains thirteen short lead us to the end of 1962. It opens with the hilarious "Pigs Is Pigs"Entourage DVD which shows what can happen when a heavy hand of bureaucracy. Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore and Humphrey Bear are featured in "Hooked Bear" and The Office DVD"in the bag, a pair of shorts about life in a national park that remind me of Yogi Bear (one of its creators have worked on these characters). The cars are prosecuted for driving ugly in "The History of Anyburg, USA".

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