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True Justice Street wars 2011 R5 XViD AC3 - IMAGiNE

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Publicado el 04 julio 2011 - 10:22

True Justice Street wars 2011 R5 XViD AC3 - IMAGiNE

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Category: Movies /R5
Release Date: 05/27/11
Video Format: XviD
Size: 1.37 GB
Language: English
Audio Format: AC3

Additional Info: When Officer Elijah Kane (Segal) and his team of undercover cops discover a new lab drug flooding through the nightclubs of Seattle, they struggle to eliminate it from the streets immediately. As if dealing with a dozen dead ravers isn't enough, the cops begin to act as security guards for an obnoxious documentarian (Mann). They quickly become privy to the filmmaker's arrogance as he attempts to make a film regarding Seattle's underbelly.

"Street Wars" opens with a spectacular chase sequence as the team attempts to catch a criminal who escapes through the city with ease. Jumping from building to building, the perpetrator proves to be a master of Parkour. As the cops witness just how fearless and skillful this man is, they begin to understand what they're up against. Along with fending off criminals and drug lords, Kane also struggles to ease tension between his team as he works to integrate a new rookie.

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